9 Easy Steps Towards A Polished Manicure

There's no need to head to the salon when you're perfectly capable of doing a manicure yourself and we are here to help!


Nail Polish Remover

Nail File

Cuticle Pusher

Cutlicle trimmer

Nail Buffer

Cuticle oil

Base/Top Coat


1. Use cotton balls along with nail polish remover to remove polish or any residue from your nail.

*Acetone is known for drying out your nails and the surrounding areas. Try using remover that has less Acetone or doesn't contain any at all.

2. Cut your nails to the length of your choice with a nail clipper.

*Avoid cutting nails close to the skin.

  1. Clean the nail and remove old polish with a nonacetone polish remover.
  2. File with an emery board or nail file, rounding the edges slightly. Always file in a single direction; if nails are thin or peel easily, angle the file so that it lies slightly under the nail.
  3. Soak in warm water and liquid soap, then massage cuticle oil into cuticles. Give it a few minutes to soak in.
  4. Use a cuticle pusher to remove cuticle overgrowth from the nail bed; trim hangnails along the sides of the nail with a clipper. Never cut the cuticle.
  5. Wipe the nail surface again with nail polish remover to remove oils, then apply a clear base coat. Don't overlook the base coat; it hydrates nails to minimize splitting or cracking.
  6. Apply your favorite Breukelen Polished color in two thin coats. If applied too thick it's more likely to chip.
  7. Fix smudges. Have you mistakenly smudged the polish? Quickly dab the tiniest drop of nail polish remover over the nick using the tip of another finger. The remover thins out the surrounding polish to cover the smudge. Wait a minute, then reapply color or top coat.
  8. Finish with a Breuekelen Polished 2 in 1base/ top coat; reapply the top coat every other day to prolong the longevity of the manicure.
  9. Expert Tip: If your normally white nails have been yellowed by polish, rub them with the peel of a lemon or grapefruit.